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  • Advanced therapies care

    Certificate in Advanced Therapies and Care for Critically Ill


    At the end of the course, the licensed medical professionals will be able to

    • understand the basic concepts, terms, and definitions related to critical care.
    • know the code management
    • identify the technique of assessment of critically ill patient
    • describe the various therapies required for the critically ill patient
    • develop the skill in various invasive procedures and techniques in the care of the critically ill patient
    • explain the infection prevention and control measures in the critical care unit
    • illustrate the emergency drugs in care of critically ill patient
  • Aesthetic Medicine

    Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine


    Students will gain thorough knowledge in the basics of aesthetic medicine and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, ethical aspects of practice, and skills to critically analyze and assess risks in each patient and tailor the treatment modalities to get the best outcome.

  • MRCS part I

    Certificate in Applied Epidemiology

    1. Taksha Smart labz provides a certificate course in applied epidemiology that meets the current requirement of epidemiology careers. As it is believed, the journey is usually more important than the destination, and the duration of this entire course can undoubtedly have a life-changing impact on you.
    2. Our course follows a systematic way of imparting the necessary information. Being a short-term course, it is equipped with intricate concepts of epidemiology concerning its principles. Applied epidemiology contains an extensive explanation of what applied epidemiology is and various measures of it. After gaining insight into its principles, you can participate in scientific and ethical discussions about health-related events and problems.
    3. By following the course of study, you can quickly gain knowledge about the principles of causation. These will help you to make a causal inference from the given data. The course implements the use of tools and proven studies to equip you with industry-specific skills. Principles of causation are certainly significant under epidemiological studies. You can even analyze and interpret data to recognize a particular disease’s strengths, weaknesses, and occurrence rates. The applied epidemiology course allows you to gain scientific exposure to public health conditions and how to treat them.
    4. The course in applied epidemiology will enhance your skills enabling you to draw approximate inferences from data. As a result, you can formulate a study design keeping your inferences in mind. Then, you can put it to use and work out its efficiency.
    5. The applied epidemiology course is beneficial to attain skills regarding the evaluation of public health screening programs. The structure of this course is ideal for omitting the concerns regarding the causes of diseases.
    6. We also offer you a basic understanding of the various examples of applied epidemiology. The methods of acquiring the key sources of epidemiological data such as investigations, studies, and surveillance are also comprehensively discussed.
  • Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART)

    Certificate in Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART)


    The learner should be able to evaluate an infertile couple and will be able to select and guide them regarding the suitable Artificial Reproductive Technology.

  • Diabetology

    Certificate in Diabetology

    • Outline the history of diabetes patients with different risk factors assessment.
    • Understand the principle of the pathogenesis of diabetes.
    • Describe the complications associated with diabetes management.
    • Understand the pitfalls of diabetes management and concerns.
    • Treatment of complications of diabetes.
    • A brief understanding of type 1 diabetes.
    • Understand uncommon diabetes like MODY and LADA.
  • ECG Interpretation

    Certificate in ECG Interpretation


    The ability to quickly and accurately interpret a 12 lead ECG is an important part of the routine and emergency patient care for a wide range of healthcare professionals. The Certificate Course in ECG Interpretation has been developed to provide the participants with a high level of knowledge and skills in ECG interpretation and help them recognize of the wide variety of clinical abnormalities.

  • Graduate certificate Essentials in cardiology

    Certificate in Essentials in Cardiology


    This course is designed for doctors who wish to work in the field of cardiology.

    This course helps you:

    1. To learn the basics of ECG and its interpretation in common cardiac diseases.
    2. To learn about clinical manifestations, diagnostic strategies, and management of coronary artery disease as well as disease prevalence and prevention.
    3. Learn to evaluate ischemic heart disease , choose appropriate investigations, and decide on appropriate indications for referral to higher centers.
  • Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) and Seminology

    Certificate in Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and Seminology

    • This course aims at providing basic to advanced knowledge in Seminology, sperm preparation techniques, and intrauterine insemination
    • An understanding of setting up and IUI laboratory and patient selection
    • Knowledge of the technical aspects, semen processing, and analysis for IUI
    • Hands-on training – semen processing methods
    • Knowledge of factors affecting male fertility
  • Pathology

    Certificate in Pathology and Diagnosis of Infectious diseases

    • Outline the general principles of microbial pathogenesis
    • Explain how microorganisms cause disease
    • Describe the host-pathogen interaction and host damage
    • Discuss the spectrum of the infections, infectious agents, and their pathology
    • Explain the inflammatory response to infections
    • Identify the special techniques for the diagnosis of infections.