In today’s volatile business environment, employers are looking for candidates with strong Hard and Soft Skills for their companies. Texila caters to a wide range of Soft Skills Training courses that provides insight, skills and tools for personal and professional development. It enables learners to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals with complementing hard skills.  

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  • conflict-management

    Certificate in Conflict Management

    • Interpret the meaning of conflict
    • Explain the disadvantages associated with conflict
    • Determine the role of an individual’s view in conflict
    • Explain the four basic personality types
  • delivering-effective

    Certificate in Delivering Effective Feedback

    • Understanding the concept of feedback and why it is important
    • Getting an insight into the various types of feedback
    • Knowing what makes feedback effective
    • Identifying the fears associated with feedback
    • Understanding the importance of setting clear goals & expectations
  • effective-communication

    Certificate in Effective Communication

    • Define the importance of communication
    • Explain the process and components of communication
    • Discuss the Types and Flow of Business communication
    • Compare different Types of contexts in communication
  • emotional intelligence

    Certificate in Emotional Intelligence

    • To clearly define emotions and understand the concept & importance of emotional intelligence.
    • To identify the various skills & competencies associated with being emotionally intelligent.
    • To derive the linkage between emotional intelligence & job performance.
    • To ascertain the various benefits of being an emotionally intelligent person in relation to professional & personal growth.
  • performance management

    Certificate in Performance Management

    • Introduce performance management
    • Explain the importance of performance management
    • Discuss the importance of goal setting
    • Explain the smart goal setting process
  • Sales Differentiation

    Certificate in Sales Differentiation

    • Interpret the meaning of sales differentiator
    • Explain the importance of sales differentiator
    • Determine the role of the salesperson in creating a sales differentiator
    • Discuss one of the ways to identify sales differentiators

    Certification in Better Business Writing

    • Write in quickly for the completion
    • Be clear in what you are conveying
    • Always get feedback from colleagues for your drafts
    • Different forms of business writing
    • Understand who is going to read your writing


    Certification in Building Your Business Case

    • Learn how your company evaluates the business case
    • Deciding about the options which suit organization strategy or goals
    • Understanding each number to build the estimate
    • How to prepare and present your case so that it is strong
    • Documenting the learning while preparing the business case


    Certification in Coaching Employees

    • Determining the ‘Right Work’ for one’s self in the professional context and identifying the unproductive tasks that one may be spending time on
    • Identifying ways in which one can effectively prioritize the most critical tasks and focus on the same
    • Becoming aware of the perils of multitasking and taking steps to avoid it raise one’s work productivity
    • Understanding & implementing some time-tested & effective rituals & tools to manage one’s workday better
    • Determining how to achieve enhanced outcomes even with lesser resources